Let’s Get Real About Self-care


Author: Shiri Ben-Arzi, PMC It's time to get real about what it means to self-care. We are used to seeing the consumer version of self-care in the media but actual…

Let’s Talk About Hope!


Let's Talk About Hope! Author: Shiri Ben-Arzi, PMC Hope is a word that comes up a lot in my coaching practice.  I hear it through questions “do you think there…

Coaching Alzheimer’s Caregivers


Coaching Alzheimer's Caregivers Author: Shiri Ben-Arzi, PMC People with Alzheimer's disease might need Medical Coaching at the very early stages but their caregivers need it THROUGHOUT the disease. As coaches,…

A Space of One’s Own – for Caregivers


A Space of One's Own - Finding and Maintaining Your Personal Space While Caregiving Author: Tamar Meisel, PMC Caregiving often becomes all-consuming. It has a way of taking over…

Your client has just been diagnosed!


Your client has just been diagnosed! Here is how you can support No one plans to become ill or have to cope with a medical condition and that goes for…

The Big Pink Elephant in the Room


There’s a Big Pink Elephant, running around my house! When our health/medical coaching client is also a parent, it’s important that we as coaches understand that a parent’s illness or…

Coaching Clients with Fear of Recurrence


Coaching Clients with Fear of Recurrence We tend to think about Rear of Recurrence in the context of cancer but this is true for every illness. Even if you are…

Sex and a new normal


I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension 2 months after I got married. When I tried to inquire about the implications of my illness to my sex life I was interrupted…

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