End of Life Coaching

Caregiver Coaches support caregivers, people that provide care for loved ones,

Caregivers are not limited by culture or country.
They are some of your coaching clients and share common yet unique challenges.


In this course, students will learn the following:

  • Terminology, definitions, and distinctions related to Caregiver Coaching
  • Various Configurations of Caregivers and Caregiving
  • Four Coaching Modules connected to the ‘The Caregiver Journey’ concept
  • The ‘11 Caregiver Executive Functions.’
  • The unique challenges and aspects of caregiving
  • Caregiver crisis management skills
  • Caregiver VUCA
  • Balancing – life – caregiving – career
  • Coaching clients with Chronic Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue
  • Creating customized self-care programs for clients
  • Supporting clients processing loss and grief
  • Coaching clients on forming and establishing support systems
  • Resilience and emotional agility
  • Coaching clients through fear and guilt
  • Coaching caregivers during times of natural, national, and global crisis
  • Coaching caregivers through their health and Medical issues.
  • Coaching caregivers in a Mental Health context
  • Caregivers in the Workplace


In addition, students will receive relevant resources and handouts to use with clients.


To learn more, click on the link – https://landing.mci-il.com/coaching-the-caregiver-training/