As an experienced pharmacist, coach and trainer, I have high expectations regarding training. 
I am delighted to say that the Medical Coaching Programme exceeded my (already high) expectations, in terms of content, organisation, delivery and standards expected of participants and delivered by Medical Coaching International. 
It was completely engaging, very practical with a strong peer and experiential learning focus. 
I would strongly recommend this course to any healthcare professional who wants to deepen their patient-centred focus and support their patients to change their behaviour to support their health goals.
I would also recommend this course to any professional coach whose desired or actual client base is people living with a health condition or cancer survivors.

- Rachel Dungan, Dublin, Ireland 2016 -



The MCI MC Programme offered me the opportunity to pick up new skills and techniques that help me to do a better job as a doctor and coach when dealing with the emotional side of unprocessed pain, trauma, behaviours and habits that have not been modified successfully. It has positively impacted my patients/clients

- Dr. Alejandro M. Sánchez, Argentina -



The Medical Coaching Program confirmed what I had imagined.
It is useful, applicable and it taught me how much good I can do to people.
Having been through it,  it invites me to put it into practice.

- Gabriel Bozzolasco, Uruguay 2016 -



Shiri, our trainer, is very clear and she brings her experience to illustrate the concept.
She also has a great sense of humor which helps us deal with the issues.
Our trainers have been available all the time and supporting us during the training of this week.
Thank you very much for your time"
I have two things to say:
1.  Thank you for this great experience.
2.   We have a lot of work to do in Brazil!
This experience allows me to understand the Medical Coaching process and to obtain very important tools and deal with client issues.
Great time and experience!

- Mario Marrey Sanchez, Brazil 2016 -



The experience brings me back to work as a more humane doctor.
With new understanding about my patients and enriching with new coaching resources.

- Dr. Olga Escobar, Argentina 2016 -


Shiri is a Master with great knowledge of what she teaches.

- Ines Granda, Peru 2016 -



This program has been a sublime experience in my life.
I am leaving with the enthusiasm of being able to facilitate the process of those people who need it.
I commit to bring this tool to the world, so there are more Medical Coaches in the world.
Thank you for the professionalism and the warmth you offered at all times..

- Jaqueline Kerlakian, Argentina 2016 -



This training helped me to reinterpret myself as a resource for humanity.
It confirmed that all process is easier when facilitated by someone else.

- Deborah Mariño, Argentina 2016 -



Excellent training at a human level, as well as knowledge.
Great experience to walk this path.
Thank you

- Teresa Sacco, Argentina 2016 -



An amazing learning opportunity!

- Silvia Guarnieri, Argentina 2016 -



I am very happy with the program.
For me every single task or presentation was perfectly aligned with the whole context.
Highly motivated. Full of empathy! Confident! Sharing her knowledge with passion and love.
Eugenia is sweet and confident.
I appreciate very much her presentation.
Tapping will never be out of my from now on.
The logistics and organization went perfectly well.
Thanks to Eugenia and Luciane.
It was a life experience being here and attending the two modules.
We practiced a lot of tools.
I learned more than at the whole Erikson College Advanced of coaching -  5 modules
I feel confident I will be a good Medical Coach and "honor" you.

- Dr. Helena Tundisi, Brazil 2016 -



IT has been a clear and enriching course that offers lots of resources and aligns with my values
Thank you

- Leila Lipsky, Argentina 2016 -


The Medical Coach Course deepened my skills as a coach profoundly, on a very deep level. The theory, which can sound complex, is made very accessible with the practices you do.

The combination of profound theory and beautiful instruments/tools is what made this course so very worthwhile for me (and for my future clients).

- Mariët van Linschoten, Holland -



This course gave me so much new insights and powerful learnings.

The energy of the course is great, and although you are already working as a coach, it really contributes to new learning which you implement in every coach session, not only in Medical Coaching sessions.

- Marieke van Beijnum, Holland -


This course took coaching to a higher level, giving you resources and insights as a person to keep learning and developing.

On the other hand it changed me as I realize there is much out there to learn and discuss.

My curiosity was increased about the body and feelings and has decreased about the mind. I learn love and energy will get u everywhere in this process.

I trust the process of Medical Coaching as the way to go on.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in human beings.

It will be great to have a third module.

Thank you!

- Belen Alvarez Rio, Spain -



I found the course hugely engaging.

The course content was professionally presented in a clear, consise and thorough way.

I feel very confident and secure in the information I received and tools I have learned and the professional training I have received.

- Gillian Houlihan, Ireland -


Both, the subject matter and the presentation of the MCI training goes beyond the expectations outlined.

It is based on a firm foundation of theory, practical implementation, highly ethical standards, but most of all it has the client in the center of everything.

- Liam Herlihy, Ireland -

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