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Please find below our student agreement. This agreement has been designed to protect the quality of the training you receive. MCI is an ethical organization that values honest and open communication with its students. In the unlikely event that you are unable to meet your obligations under this agreement, please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

1. Training Program
The Medical Coaching Training Program consists of two parts:
Medical Coaching Course
Medical Coaching Internship
Only students that are trained and accredited coaches may do the internship.
2. Process and Payment

Applications for a place on the course are considered on submission of a MCI application form. After we receive the Application Form we will schedule a Mutual Interview with you.

  • The Mutual Interview (MI) is part of MCI’s application process.  It is a phone/skype call of approximately 30 minutes to discuss the training course, align expectations and address any questions the applicant may have. We also would like to make sure together with you   that the course is appropriate to their learning needs.
  • Payment for Medical Coaching Course: The coaching course fees must be received in order to confirm a place on the course. Until such time as full payment is received MCI may continue to sell or allocate places.
  • Payment for Medical Coaching Internship will be done directly to the supervisor once the student has completed the Medical Coaching Course and has received permission to start the Medical Caoching internship.
  • Variation to Payment Terms: MCI reserves the right to adjust the above terms. In such an event the revised terms will be supplied to the student in writing and will be valid on that occasion only.
3. Cancellation of Training by Student

Each student has the right at any time to cancel their place on the training course. All requests to cancel must be made in writing to the MCI Program Manager at: OFFICE@MCI-IL.COM
Requests will be acknowledged in writing by MCI and processed as below.


4.  Cancellation charges will be levied as follows:

i. 31 days + prior to start of training 0% of program fees
ii. 22-30 days prior to start of training 25% of program fees
iii. 0-21 days prior to start of training 50% of program fees
iv. Once training has commenced 100% of program fees
MCI reserves the right to re-sell or re-allocate transferred places on any of the training courses in coaching.


5. Changes to Course Content and Logistics

Training program content and logistics are correct at the time of publishing (within either online or printed materials). However, alterations to course content, venue, dates, opening and closing times and training personnel may occasionally be made and/or necessary. MCI reserves the right, at any time, to change these and, where possible, will give reasonable notice of such changes. The student shall not have any claim against MCI in respect of any consequential or indirect loss whatsoever. MCI reserves the right at any time, without prior notification, to cancel a coach training course and offer an alternative date, credit or a refund. The student shall not have any claim against MCI in respect of any consequential or indirect loss whatsoever.


6. Training Materials

in this clause shall mean any information, data, plans, programs, formulas, any  legal and/or scientific and/or practical document, including inter alia, methods of training, exercise materials, and including the commercial name and/or signs, related to MCI, of any kind whatsoever, given to me, or come to my knowledge in any manner, either oral or in writing, in any connection to anything brought to my knowledge, by MCI or anyone on MCI's behalf, and/or by any third party, which relates to MCI or to the course.


7. Completion of Course and Internship:

All course assignments shall be sent to the assigned MCI mentor for feedback not later than 6 months after the last lesson of the course.

Internship should begin no later than 6 months after receiving Letter of Completion

Internship should be completed within 10 months of the 1st supervision session.

8. The student undertakes that he/she shall not in any manner, and at any time, directly or indirectly, practice Medical Coaching, in any manner whatsoever, under any frame, and on behalf of and/or for any other third party, other than by himself, as an independent agent, without specific written consent, given at the student's request, by MCI, in advance. MCI shall be at liberty, at its sole discretion, to deny any request made by the student.


9. The student undertakes not to disclose, at any time, any commercial secret, knowledge, methods or means, or any other classified material (including training materials), that belongs to MCI and revealed to the student throughout the Course, unless agreed by MCI. Classified material shall mean any material related to MCI and/or the course which is not publicly legally detectable by any public open means.


10. The student undertakes, at any time, not to be involved in any manner, directly or indirectly, actively or passively, by himself or by any other on his behalf in any activity which may be in competition with MCI's activity, unless authorized in advance and in writing, by MC

11. The student undertakes to practice his best efforts, to keep MCI's good reputation, and as much as possible prevent others from prejudicing same.


12. The student agrees, that should he/she wish to work as a Medical Coach, and prior to same, he shall arrange for a professional liability insurance policy. The student shall insure that same policy shall include a Cross Liability Clause, in favor of MCI, in such manner that the insurer shall not be entitled for any subrogation against MCI.


13. The student acknowledges that the course, the methods and/or any material used for Medical Coaching do not, in any manner insure total and/or partial success in treatment, and that MCI shall not in any manner be held liable for any alleged damages, should be alleged by any third party, related to coaching made by the student, at any time. Student shall indemnify MCI in full, for any damage incurred on MCI, in any manner related to any claim brought against MCI in any connection with student's activity in medical coaching.


14. Should the student successfully graduate from the course, including the internship, he/she shall be entitled to be registered as a Professional Medical Coach, in the official index managed by MCI and receive a License and License Number. The student's registration shall be annually updated and subject to student's participation in 4 supervision sessions, held by official representatives of MCI, each year as well as 1 Ethics group call discussing Medical Coaching Dilemmas.  The student shall not be entitled to exercise Medical Coaching, unless registered in the above index.


15. Notwithstanding the above, the student specifically agrees that MCI shall be entitled to  cancel any authorization given to the student, should he/she not adhere with the professional and ethical code of MCI, as shall be determined from time to time, including the removal of his/her name from the MCI's Certified Coaches Index.


16. Waiver and Termination

Any waiver given by MCI in relation to any condition will only be effective if given in writing and will only be valid on that occasion. MCI has the right to terminate the contract with the student immediately in the following circumstances:
i. Where the student has committed a breach of his or her obligations under the terms and conditions.
ii. Where the student acts in an inappropriate manner that compromises the learning of other students. (In the event of such behavior, the student will always first be given the opportunity to change the situation).
iii. Where the relationship between MCI and student has, even after mediation, become untenable.
iv. In the event of the termination of the contract, the cancellation provisions set out in Section 2 shall apply.


17. Communication

Should a student have any concerns relating to the training and wish to raise them formally, then s/he should write to the MCI Program Manager by post or email at the company address (as stated under section: Cancellation of Training by Student). If the student is not satisfied with the response the student should write a letter or email stating why they are dissatisfied and address it to a Director of the company. The decision of the Director, in relation to that letter or email is final and there will be no further communication on the matter.


18. Media

Filming and/or the photographing of the tutors in session may occasionally take place for the purposes of learning resources and/or promotional materials.  If you do not wish to be included please advise us accordingly.
MCI cannot be held liable in respect of any decision, action, alteration or requirement by accrediting bodies and/or course standards which may have the subsequent effect of altering the status of the courses offered by MCI

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