Medical Leadership of doctors and other health care providers enables high performing healthcare organizations to achieve better patient outcomes and increased productivity by:   Increasing readiness to implement change   Creating organizational resilience   Facilitating a culture based on Innovation, initiative, productivity and higher levels of team work as well as medical engagement  

Medical Leadership Model

Individual Leadership

  • A personal and professional way of life, epistemology and coherent set of values.
  • The ability to create a clear vision, communicate it and lead successful change implementations in a dynamic and complex environment.

Medical Leadership

  • The ability to create organizational readiness to implement change.
  • Identify areas where health care providers can have positive, sustainable impact on better patient outcomes by:
  1. Improvement in Clinical outcomes
  2. Quality of care
  3. ROI and Performance  

Social Leadership

  • Due to the place of medicine in society, Medical Leaders are also social and community leaders by definition.
  • Medical leaders can translate change in the medical system and quality to community awareness, education and empowerment.  

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