The Medical Coaching Learning Community (MCLC) is a dynamic platform for professional excellence providing cutting-edge content in order to support anyone working with clients (patients and caregivers) who are dealing with a medical crisis or living with a chronic illness.  These include:

  • Coaches (Medical, Health and Wellness, Life, Business, Executive)
  • Healthcare Professionals (Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Health Practitioners)
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Occupational Health Practitioners
  • Social Care and Welfare Professionals
  • Therapists and Counselors
  • Trainers and Education Officers



Have you ever thought or felt . . .?

  • Your thinking could be limited by professional isolation?
  • "There has to be another way!"?
  • Perplexed when two people with the same symptoms, get dramatically different results from the same treatment?
  • Challenged as to how best to support someone coping with loss /pain / illness?
  • You would love to be a member of a community of international peers from a variety of different disciplines?
  • Curious to explore new approaches to support patients / clients with challenging medical issues?


If this is you, then

you are in the right place!


The Medical Coaching Learning Community!

a place for you to grow, be inspired, get educated, ask questions and develop personally, professionally and ethically. It celebrates quality content, knowledge, development, professionalism, dialogue, peer learning and curiosity.
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What is Medical Coaching?

Medical Coaching is designed to improve medical communication between patients and medical professionals, promote patient empowerment and change the way we define wellness, sickness and healing.
Medical coaching is a mental and emotional process of supporting a client to unlock their potential, maximize their performance and grow beyond the current circumstances of their condition.  
It is about creating a structure for change, empowerment and fulfillment, for the sake of enhancing their well-being.  
It is about helping a patient / client to find their own answers and solutions.
The Medical Coaching Learning Community is affiliated with ICF Ireland Chapter.  Participants will be able to apply for International Coaching Federation Continuing Coach Education Units upon completion of each LIVE masterclass.
Being part of this Medical Coaching Learning Community will provide you with cutting edge tools, techniques and methodologies to enable you to deliver person-centred care (versus disease-centred care) even more effectively.

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Medical Coaching Learning Community
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The monthly Masterclasses are designed to assist you to develop aspects of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) CORE competencies:

Setting the Foundation

  • Meeting Ethical Standards and Professional Standards
  • leadership skills
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Co-Creating the Relationship

  • Establishing Trust
  • Coaching Presence

Communicating Effectively

  • Active listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication

Facilitating Learning and Results

  • Creating awareness
  • Designing actions
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability

Here are Just a Few Ways That MCLC will Benefit You:

  1. You'll be part of a multi-disciplinary learning community and learn with the support of like-minded peers
  2. You'll gain a sense of professional integration (rather than isolation)
  3. You'll gain confidence and tools to deliver even more PERSON-centred care (rather than disease-centred care)
  4. You will learn how to support your patients / clients to move from a survive mentality to a growth mentality
  5. You will engage directly with international thought leaders who work with people living with medical conditions, and their care-givers. 
  6. You will have access to the Medical Coaching Learning Community Private Resource Page, so you have access to recordings and resources to support you to transfer your learning into your practice.

Benefits of Online Delivery

  1. Everything is located online, in a virtual environment which eliminates travel time and costs to attend live face to face events
  2. You will have 24/7 access and flexibility to review webinar recording at your convenience
  3. We make it easy for you to use our virtual platform
  4. Plus, you will only have to dedicate 2 hours per month to recharge your own batteries AND earn ICF Continuing Coach Education Units at the same time.

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Medical Coaching Learning Community
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What Is the MCLC Structure and Time Commitment?

2 hours per month: a Live, Virtual, Online Commitment: 1 x 90-min online Masterclass each month plus 30 minutes to complete your Programme Evaluation / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Cycle.

How Are the MCLC Masterclasses Delivered?

On the 4th Wednesday of each month, beginning Wednesday 26th October 2016, from 1930-2100 Dublin/London Time, you will be able to attend a 60-minute long live online masterclass with experts and thought leaders that will enhance, broaden and provoke what you already know and introduce their work, frameworks and methodologies.
At the end of each online masterclass, you will be able to attend a 30-min discussion on ideas for additional professional applications of the online masterclass content into your professional practice.

  • Your live Masterclass is delivered ONLINE on the 4th Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm British Standard Time
  • The recording is available for review on the Saturday following each live session
  • Submit your Programme Evaluation within 48 hours after each Masterclass to qualify for ICF Continuing Coach Education Units

What Topics Will Be Covered During the Masterclasses?

  1. The Art of NOT KNOWING with Dr. Cherie Carter Scott MCC
  2. Using a Coach Approach with the Dying and the Grieving with Dr. Don Eisenhower PCC
  3. The Inner Story – Healing from The Inside Out with Joan Jacobs
  4. Why Work Matters for People Living with Difficult and Debilitating Chronic Health Conditions (and what makes it difficult) with Rosalind Joffe
  5. The Five Steps to Coaching You and Your Client Back to Wellness Naturally with Richard Flook
  6. Being Healthy at your Best is like what? Exploring Metaphors for Health and Healing with Clean Language with Angela Dunbar
  7. The Four Steps to Solving Chronic Pain (when nothing else has worked) with Jonathan Shaw
  8. The Heroine's Journey -- How to Support Women to Regain Their Personal Power Through Fertility Treatment with Shiri Ankona-Tovias
  9. Coaching the Caregiver with Tamar Meisel
  10. Self Care for Coaches and Healthcare Facilitators with Shiri Ben-Arzi PCC
  11. Using "The Coach Approach" to Facilitate Treatment Adherence  with Rachel Dungan MPSI ACC
  12. Using Art and Writing as Patient Empowerment Tools with Shiri Ben-Arzi PCC

Choose to enroll NOW and join our 
Medical Coaching Learning Community
for only €249 

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