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Shiri Ben Artzi, CPCC, PCC, PMC

​New ICF Ireland Award for Medical Coaching

awarded to Shiri Ben Arzi, MCI Co-Founder and Master Trainer

Here what ICF Ireland thought about MCI:

"A new category this year has been added to recognize the ground-breaking work done by an ICF Ireland member in their field of coaching. This pioneering coach has developed an innovative and valuable niche of coaching, with notable work in regions of conflict and  throughout the world.
This coach “not only had a big idea, she executed this idea by founding a whole new field of coaching.  She created a comprehensive medical coaching programmed, accredited by the ICF.  She devised a professional internship programme for Professional Medical Coaches.  She travels internationally to train coaches to practice in this new coaching discipline”
This year ICF Ireland presents the award for Medical Coaching to - Shiri Ben Arzi
Shiri is a member of the Ireland chapter who works here regularly and is based in Israel – this year her organization Medical Coaching Institute established their European base here in Ireland and have offered new programmed to healthcare professionals here.

Liz Barron ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
Realize Coaching - Leadership & Team Development
Member ICF Ireland Board 2016
ICF Award Winning Coach
Coaching | Training | Facilitation

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